Welcome to the new FireballWhisky.com

Welcome to the new FireballWhisky.com. Make this the center of your universe to get the latest recipes, find out what we’ve been up to, or see if we’re going to be in your area soon. If you can’t find Fireball near you check out our “Be An Angel” program. If you want to impress all your friends with some Fireball threads, check out our store.

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7 Responses to Welcome to the new FireballWhisky.com

  1. mary e gonzalez says:

    Thank you for giving an endorsement deal to my fav male singer,Jason Link!!!

  2. John Shipman says:

    Hi. Love the site. However I have been having a problem on it and couldn’t find anywhere else to send the issue to.
    I have been trying to submit a couple of Fireball recipes. However, everytime I click the submit button I receive this error message:

    Variable OWNER_USER_ID is undefined.

    The error occurred in C:\wwwroot\com.fireballwhisky\_local\com\zehnder\recipes\recipes.cfc: line 98
    Called from C:\wwwroot\com.fireballwhisky\recipes\act_submit.cfm: line 45
    Called from C:\wwwroot\com.fireballwhisky\recipes\index.cfm: line 4

    96 :
    97 :
    98 :
    99 :
    100 :

    If you could pass this on to the webmaster and have this corrected it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a million.

  3. Richard says:

    John, thanks for pointing this out. We’ve had a few problems with this lately but our design guys are hard at work on fixing it (if I can get them to put the shot glasses down). Please feel free to email me in the future if you notice anything else. – Richard

  4. Randy P says:

    If it wasn’t for Fireball, I wouldn’t have met my wife of 8 years! Fireball is the signature drink of the members of flybc.ca, a group of fishermen/women that get together. My wife and I met over a shot of Fireball and have been together ever since :) Thanks !!

  5. Gail Robison says:

    Trying to find out the amount of carbs and sugar content in Fireball Whiskey.

  6. Per H. says:

    Me an a bus load of friends went on a Booze buying trip to Germany (I live in Sweden and in sweden Booze are very expencive) On the ferry to Denmark I found your exelent drink in the taxfreeshop :) so I bought a bottle to try out… on the ferry back I bought another and so did most off the other passangers in the bus after they heard my praising in the bus down to Germany. I realy love it….keep up the good work!!! ;)

  7. Merrie Wallace says:

    Just introduced 2 navy guys to fireball!!!! I love turning people on to the yummiest shot in the world.

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