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Hotter than Hell: Sin City Getaway. The Recap!

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It turns out what actually happens in Vegas ends up here.  This past weekend Jimmy & his wife experienced a vacation of their lifetime to Las Vegas and it was all free!  How you ask? Well, Jimmy was lucky enough to win our Hotter than Hell: Sin City Getaway sweepstakes that we ran on our Facebook page.  We drew his name amongst the tens of thousands of other entries and for that he spent the extended 4th of July weekend staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and having fun participating in a whole myriad of hotter than hell activities.   Below is a recap Jimmy provided of the amazing weekend.  Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of Fireball on the rocks and read on!


“Wow, what a great Fireball weekend in Vegas!  A driver was at the airport when we arrived to whisk us away to the Hard Rock Hotel. A quick check-in to the room, then we joined Justin, the local Fireball Sales Ambassador, at the center bar for a couple of drinks. By the way he is a great guy; friendly, great personality. We grabbed a bite to eat and then were off to the helicopter tour. Pilot was personable and knowledgeable. Amazing views as we flew over the desert and Valley of Fire out to the Grand Canyon, and landed  300 ft above the Colorado River for champagne and snacks. We then flew back over the Hoover Dam  to to the Vegas Strip as the sun set along the horizon, an amazing sunset over the canyon and desert mountains. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Relaxed and played at the casino for the remainder of the evening then back to the luxurious king suite for a much needed few hours of sleep.


We were up early for a nice breakfast, then off to meet our wonderful host who escorted us past the lines to our private daybed next to the sandy bottom Hard Rock Rehab Pool. Once there, she introduced us to the waitress and waiter who would be taking care of us for the afternoon. What a beautiful tropical atmosphere that transforms into a fast paced high energy rock and roll party as the day goes on. We met some really cool people and had a great afternoon. Justin stopped by to make sure everything was going well and dropped of some Fireball shirts, which we got numerous comments on!


 After a quick shower and change, we were off to the 35 Steak and Martini restaurant for dinner. The staff was amazing. Top notch service. Marie ordered scallops, I ordered the filet mignon, both were cooked perfectly and delicious, as were the sides. Truly the most pleasant dining out experience in a long time. Another evening of gaming and relaxing at the casino before retiring back to the suite for the night. The flight home the next day was comfortable and relaxing. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Fireball and all those who made this wonderful, adventuresome, fun-filled weekend trip to Vegas possible!

Jimmy & Marie”

More pictures below:

Marie posing with the Maverick Helicopter from Dream Catcher Sunset Tours.

Jimmy and our Las Vegas Sales Ambassador, Justin.

3,500 feet below the Grand Canyon’s rim in Hualapai Indian Territory.  Just before Jimmy & Marie were served champagne. What a treat!


The sunsetting just behind the Valley of Fire in the Grand Canyon.

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Chilly Bombers in Glendale, AZ

A few pics from a recent promotional night at Chilly Bombers in Glendale, Arizona. Lookin’ good, ladies!

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Nashville, Tennessee is what I like to call Fireball Whisky Ground Zero. The bartenders there have been integral in spreading the good word of cinnamon whisky to the masses and for that, I whole-heartedly thank them. But what good are words of thanks when you can give someone whisky of thanks? So with that I’m proud to announce that the first ever Fireball Whisky Service Industry Party will take place on Sunday, October 2 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This invite-only bartender party will include an open bar of Fireball and beer, exclusive free merchandise, a TBA guest DJ and a performance by local rockers The Honeymoon Thrillers! Is your mouth watering yet?

This event is closed to the public so you’ll have to score an invite from me or one of my Fireball teamsters. If you’re a bartender and you live in the Nashville area, post a comment below and tell me why you want to attend.

You won’t want to miss this. Trust me…….

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X Games Seventeen!

As part of our continuing “Ignite the Night” summer tour, we’re hitting Los Angeles this weekend for X Games Seventeen. Richard and Allison will be taking the city of angels by storm during the day and in the evenings after the events and you’ll be able to find them outside the city, bar hopping near the beaches, passing out free shots and swag! Friend us on Foursquare to find out exactly where we’re going to be and when: www.foursquare.com/fireballwhisky.

Visit our “Events” page for a complete listing of all the bars we’ll be hitting: http://www.fireballwhisky.com/events/?action=detail&id=22

X Games

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Ignite the Night®!

This summer Team Fireball (aka: Me) is traveling across the country to spread the good word of FIreball in some of our new markets. We’re calling this epic adventure “Ignite the Night®” and we want YOU to join us.

Here’s how this usually works — I fly into a city with a list of all the bars that have Fireball. Then I bar hop. I bar hop ’till I canst bar hop no more. And as I barrel through your fair city I create a wave of excitement that involves delicious cinnamon whisky. My goal is to amass as many people as I can on my bar hopping adventure and to ultimately buy as many people shots as humanly possible.

Let me restate that in case you missed it: if you bar hop with me I will buy you free shots of Fireball Whisky. Let that sink in for a minute……………OK, good. Now what other liquor company offers this level of pandemonium?

You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I get on this gravy train?” Piece of cake. Click the “Events” link at the top of our site. Then check out our list of cities and see if we’re coming to an area near you anytime soon. Click on the “See details page” link and if it’s available, we’ll have a list of bars we plan to hit while in town.

For example, this weekend we’re going to be partying in Dallas, TX! Check out the list of bars we’re planning to hit below:

  • J Blacks
  • Christies
  • Three Sheets
  • Patio Grill
  • Katy Trail Ice House
  • Blackfinn Addison
  • Luckies Smokehouse
  • Nova
  • Malarkeys
  • Logans
  • Ringos
  • Churchills
  • Dodies (Allen)
  • Frankies in Fort Worth
  • Love and War in Grapevine
  • Sushi Axiom on Henderson
  • San Fran Rose
  • Pour House
  • Haciendia
  • Corner Bar
  • Knodding Donkey

There’s no guarantee we’ll get to all of these bars in two nights so if you REALLY wanna follow along, friend me on foursquare so you can keep up with all our check-ins: https://foursquare.com/fireballwhisky. Don’t’ know what Foursquare is? Watch this quick video:


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Finish Him!

Last month saw the reboot of one of the biggest video game franchises of all time when Mortal Kombat launched to the rejoicing of hardcore and casual fans alike as they snuck out of work early and lined up outside of Gamestops across America. Even if you can’t tell the difference between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, you can still appreciate the sheer joy that results from ripping the spine out of your best friend’s avatar in all its high-def glory.

If none of this makes any sense to you, watch this:

Mortal Kombat was one of the biggest pop-culture explosions of the 90s having spawned countless video games sequels, two big screen movies, two TV shows, comic books, action figures, lunch boxes, flame throwers….you get the point. Anyone near my age demographic will recall countless hours spent in front of the TV as a child mastering button combinations to pull off the perfect Fatality and utterly humiliate (and impress) your friends. These were the days before XBOX Live, headsets, and Wi-fi gaming. When you wanted to play video games with your friends, you had to be in the same room at the same.

What does any of this have to do with Fireball Whisky you ask? Well now that we’re all of legal age with the ability to purchase alcohol and video games that our parents don’t approve of, I urge you to join me in my crusade to make video games social again. Turn off the headsets, put away the Call of Duty, make some drinks, and invite your friends over for some classic arcade action in your living room. Hell, invite the girls over too. Some of them will enjoy this for upwards of 30 minutes (please note the heavy sarcasm in this statement)!

As you pummel each other into oblivion with a bottle of Fireball Whisky at your side, up the stakes with this friendly competition…


  • The loser of each match takes a shot.
  • Two if defeated with a Fatality.
  • Three if defeated with a Fatality and a Flawless Victory.
  • Both players take a shot when a “Toasty!” occurs but neither is allowed to pause the game.

Enjoy the mayhem and let me know if you make any modifications to the rules above. Cheers!

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