6 days until #fireballfriday

Man holding a mug that says "This may or May Not Have Fireball In It"

Fa La La La Fireball: 4 Holiday Drink Ideas to Fan the Flames

Get ready to Slay your holidays with these Dragon-approved drinks. Keep it simple with an ice-cold shot or take things up a notch by adding just a couple ingredients to the mix.

Angry Balls

Fireball and hard cider might be one of the most obvious pairings on our roster. All you need to make Angry Balls is a pint of your favorite cider and a shot of Fireball. It’s easy to switch things up and make this drink your own- just swap out the cider for your favorite hard alternative. Hard ciders are just the beginning. 

Firenog Shots

Slayers know exactly what to do to take this holiday classic to the next level – add a shot of Fireball. Firenog shots can be made in a pitcher or a shaker - make enough for a shot or two, or a bigger batch for you and your squad. All you need? One part nog, two parts Fireball. Shake (or stir) with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Fireball & Coffee

Pouring Fireball in our coffee mug is delicious but have you ever tried Fireball and coffee as a shot? Combine 1 part Fireball with two parts coffee, chill, and shoot. This time of year can be a little hectic, but there are definite perks to mixing your morning brew with the Dragon’s nectar.

Fireball & Cran

During the holidays, cranberry is everywhere. Don’t be boring and put it on the dinner table, pair it with a shot of Fireball for some holiday fire in a glass. To make: Add ice to any tall glass. Pour in a shot of chilled Fireball, two shots of cranberry juice, and call it done.

The Dragon knows you’ve probably been naughty this holiday season, and he doesn’t care. Trust us - we'll will help you get through watching It’s a Wonderful Life with your grandma for the 500th time.