Going the Distance with the Dragon

When handed lemons, the Dragon sets them ablaze and makes some bad a$$ lemonade.  

When asked to stay six feet apart, we teamed up with theChive to find creative ways for Dragon Slayers to share shots with friends and neighbors. Not willing to let anything stand between them, #FireballHotDrops was born.

Who knew that a remote-controlled truck could be a solution to social distancing? These Instagrammers did just that when they answered the challenge by delivering minis  – a brilliant (and delicious) way to take your shot while staying distanced. 

We think some of these ideas are straight fire. How would you make your #FireballHotDrop? 

Fireball x theCHIVE

Fireball fans understand – social distancing or not, sometimes you just need a break from Zoom calls to live it, love it, shoot it. And do it all over again whether you’re celebrating Fireball Friday or just spending it in style.

Chivers shared their videos on iCHIVE and social media, proving that the allure of the Dragon’s fire can spark some deliciously wicked cool ideas. 

  • Mountain climbing dogs aren’t the only ones who can pull off a keg collar – a mini keg plus Fireball Whisky equals an instant party
  • Trebuchets may be medieval machinery, but they’re a very modern way to deliver shots across the street
  • Have an air gun? Check out how this fan delivered a mini, along with a shot-size red Solo cup

Drone drop, remote-controlled cars and fishing rods, oh my! 



Delivery With Drizly

You don’t have to have a drone or an RC car handy to help someone take their shot. If you want to deliver a bottle of Fireball Whisky right to someone's door, just hop on Drizly. It’s easy and fast – add a bottle to your cart, enter the address and get it delivered within 60 minutes.