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Just Add Fire: What You Need for Entertaining Outdoors During Winter

With COVID surging all over the country, our options for getting together with close family and our quarantine pods are more limited than ever. Staying outdoors is the safest bet – something that’s likely to continue throughout the cold winter months. 

Think you can’t host a get together? Think again. We’ve got the five tips you need to create exciting memories with your crew. 

Just Add Fire

A little fire never hurts. Even better, it’ll keep you and your guests toasty warm. If you want to slay your outdoor gathering, you’re going to need to set your space up for success. Create relaxed seating areas that are distanced from each other but not too far from firepits and heaters. Wanna fan the flames a little more? Add a throw blanket or cushion to your seating and give each chair its own throw. Better yet, invite your guests to BYOB – bring your own blanket. 

Three men wearing the Fireball Fugly Onsie walking to a bar

Don’t Forget To Cover Your Bases

Seriously. Dress the part and make sure everyone else does too. Layers are the key to being able to appreciate your time together outside. Ideally, you want something warm and insulating like wool or a fugly onsie as your base layer. Then top it off with fleece or down and a wind/waterproof shell. Oh…and don’t forget to throw on your favorite hat to stay nice and warm.

Choose the Right Spot

The whole purpose of being outside is to enjoy each other safely. To do that, you need to pick the right areas to gather. Set up your big screen inside your garage, keep the doors open and arrange seating safely distanced (of course) so everyone can watch. Carports and driveways provide extra space to spread out. Covered porches and patios offer extra protection from snow or drizzle while still giving you lots of fresh air.  

Timing is Everything

An evening around the fire is great, but there’s nothing wrong with entertaining during the day to soak up a little extra Vitamin D and warmth from the sun. The daylight might give you a little extra motivation to move around and generate extra body heat. A little dance-off, beanbag toss, horseshoes or a snowball fight could pass the time and work up your appetites before you enjoy a bite and some drinks.  

Create Multiple Spots for Food and Drinks

Keep touchpoints to a minimum for safety and convenience. Don’t just have one buffet table that could get crowded. Avoid buffets altogether if you can, giving your friends and family individual servings of spicy chili or hearty stew. Likewise, keep your beverage stations set up with COVID in mind. Create several spots for people to grab individual thermoses filled with warming options like hot tea, coffee or cocoa. Or you could stick with that old adage, and drink something cold to feel warmer and serve shots of just-from-the-freezer Fireball.

Safety first, Slayers. Keep your circle tight, your guest list small and your entertaining window short. The less time you’re together in-person, the better. Plus, it’s chilly outside. Have some fun and head back indoors to warm up with your favorite Dragon.