No Going Back Now


The pairing you never knew you needed and won’t know how you’ve lived without.


Light the Flame


Scene is set – smash the lemons, mint and add fire. That’s a happy ending.

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Recipes to Ignite the Nite. Or Afternoon.

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Friday called. She’s on her way and she’s bringing Fireball.

It’s Fireball o’clock somewhere.

Today’s Soup…. Fireball

I only drink Fireball on days that end in “Y”

Let’s get this party started with milk and cookies, said no one ever.

Friday is my second favorite F word.

Sometimes a bar has a kitchen and sometimes the kitchen is the bar.

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Calling all bartenders and chefs, we want to hear about your famous Fireball concoctions. 

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The best mix drinks to make at home all include Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Drinks for Friendsgiving, Drinks for Friendsmas, Drinks for Hanukka, Kwanzaa and Festivus! We've got you.

Ready to play bartender? We all know that Fireball is complete all on its own in a Party Ball. After all, everyone loves an ice-cold shot! But sometimes, you might want to mix things up and add a little extra firepower to the party.

Whether you’re entertaining or just hanging out, stirring up an easy, flavor-packed drink can be the perfect way to ignite the fun AND the best mix drinks to make at home. Want a Firenog to feel extra cozy and festive? No problem. Can bourbon go with Fireball? Of course! It's calledBuffalo Balls and there are no rules when it comes to what to mix with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. We’ve got the recipe for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something spicy and fruity or super simple, the Dragon is standing by to Slay your thirst.