6 days until #fireballfriday

6 Fire Games for Your Next Virtual Happy Hour

We may not be able to cheers with friends and coworkers at our favorite bar, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy happy hours  together. Thank you, technology gods for  giving us ways to get together right from our own lairs.

Get everyone on board and  have them to show up online with their favorite drink in hand. Nothing makes happy hours happier than an ice-cold bottle of Fireball and some fun  games to set things off. Here are six games to slay next time you’re ready to get your drink on. Please remember to always drink responsibly!

Two Truths and a Lie

Go a few rounds with this classic where everyone takes a turn sharing two true things about themselves and one thing they make up. Everyone guesses which one's the fake, making player take a drink for every wrong guess and giving points to those that guess right.

Never Have I Ever...in Quarantine

Update this sleepover favorite with a 2021 twist. Have everyone put five fingers up. Then, start going around the group with each person taking their turn declaring, "Never have I ever." But it has to be about things you haven't done during  quarantine. Whoever has done that has to put a finger down and take a drink. Whoever puts all five fingers down first takes a drink.

I Spy 

You remember playing this when you were just a newbie Slayer? Create a virtual happy hour spin by upping the ante and making everyone pick something in someone else's virtual background. Then they give clues like, "I spy something spicy." Whoever guesses right gets to go next. Everybody else takes a shot.

Imaginary Hide and Seek 

If 20 Questions and Hide and Seek were put into a blender, this would be their twisted drink. Each person takes a turn choosing a spot anywhere in the world to “hide.” The other players all ask questions to figure out where you are. For every wrong guess, you have to take a drink. 

Scavenger Hunt

You could download a virtual scavenger hunt app for the group. But why not make things a little more competitive? When it’s your turn, pick an item that most people have, then everyone else has to find it in their own homes. Whoever’s last to find the item? You guessed it – they drink.  

Trivia Night in the Lair

Remember the days of going to your local pub for trivia night? Recreate the fun on your virtual happy hour by coming up with your own set of tricky trivia questions, including some that require action to keep your fellow Slayers on their toes. Every right guess or action earns a point. Every wrong guess… you know the drill.

Want to treat the winner of your happy hour games to something special? Have a bottle or a six-pack of minis delivered using a service like Drizly. Stay safe, be smart, and drink responsibly.