6 days until #fireballfriday

Man kneeling in snowy field while hand pours Fireball from  small bottle above

2020’s Cold Weather Shifts

As the temperature drops and the holidays loom ahead, people crave cocktails of a different sort. Sure, we’re still reaching for that bottle of Fireball from the freezer, but we’re using it in different ways. Cooler temperatures and falling leaves usher in a new season of flavors and drinking trends. Here are five favorites flying high in our realm.

Whisky is Fire

As it gets colder outside, more people crave bevvies that warm them from the inside. For some, that means cozying up with some of the boldest new innovations in whisky, bourbon and scotch. One trip to the liquor store or a browse on delivery service websites like Drizly and you're bound to see tons of options out there, with limited editions and other novelties barreling onto the scene.

But for most, simplicity remains a timeless must-have. While the stuffed shirts reach for pricy bottles of single malts and long-aged options, Slayer like you already know about one of fall’s best kept secrets. Drink it neat or mix it with your favorite cola or hard seltzer for mixed drinks that’re ready in a flash. Better yet, we bet that your lair’s already stocked and ready for some fall fun – #Fireball Friday and every day!

Go-To Fun Factor

This fall, the craving for fun seems to be hitting harder than ever. Even coffee shops and bars are seeing more demand for value-added experiences like live music and killer themes. People everywhere are thirsty for fun flavors too, including those that tap into childhood favorites. Slushies, spiked juices that tap into the adult version of a Capri Sun craving and even Lucky Charms-inspired beer are all hot options. Of course, we’ve always been partial to that red-hot, sweet-heat sensation – so you know what we’re pouring.

Drinking “Hard”

Hard seltzers and hard ciders have been popular for a while, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Some new “hard” options are starting to hit the market, including hard teas, hard cold brews and hard kombucha. New fall flavors like pumpkin spice seltzer and cranberry cider have hit the seasonal market. And best of all, most “hard” drinks on the market match up deliciously with a shot of Fireball added to the mix for scorching, easy mixed drinks that tap into favorite fall flavors.

Spice is Nice

Okay, okay. Any season’s a great season for Fireball. But you have to admit – fall might be the perfect one. The heat, the spice, the deliciousness. It’s perfect all on its own. But pair it with fall’s other flavors? Pure fire. Need a couple examples? While everyone else is sipping on a pumpkin spice coffee, we’re adding a little extra spice to the mix to start the party early.

Want something to dig your fork into? Anyone can make a good pumpkin pie. But you’ve got to really Slay to make a Fireball pumpkin pie, with the perfect combo of dreamy pumpkin and the sweet heat we all love. 

Cooler temps and Fireball are a match made in heaven. But any season, any time is the perfect time to dance with the Dragon.