Closeup of a Fireball Cola Slushie in a cup

Happier Hour with Fireball Whisky

Whether you’re hanging with friends or going solo, it’s fun to whip up some mixed drinks that are straight fire. We’re big believers in keeping things simple. And that’s what makes this slushie one of our all-time faves.

We teamed up with Tipsy Bartender to discover an easy – but never boring – recipe that’s equally perfect for hanging by the pool or igniting the nite. Best of all, you only need a couple ingredients to make some magic.

Fireball bottle next to blender with frozen cola ice cubes

Dragon Approved Slushie

What you'll need

  • Cola
  • 3 oz. Fireball

How to make it

1. Pour cola into an ice cube tray

2. Freeze 'em up

3. Toss cubes in a blender with Fireball

4. Pour into a glass and drink (or just stick a straw in the blender)

Tipsy Bartender

With a recipe this fast and easy, you can be sippin' your fire slushie in no time, making it perfect for any time you're ready to kick off some serious fun right from home. 
Tipsy Bartender

Pro Tip: Mixed drinks are great; shots are awesome too. If you want an icy, but hot shot that’ll kick off some cool fun, pour one out right from a bottle of Fireball kept in the freezer for an instant party.  
What happens next is up to you.

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