Are You Ready for #FireballFriday?

Don’t let the white hair fool ya – Grandma’s all about high-octane fun. And nothing fits the bill quite like a holiday that you can celebrate more than once a year.

Just ask Ross Smith and Grandma. This dynamic duo knows how to unleash the Dragon, treating their 1 million+ followers to hilarious pranks and Grandma’s specialty – trick shots. We’ve also found out she's a Slayer who’s always ready to face the dragon with her “party starter.”

Grandma has the power to send the week up in flames, but Ross has shown her that there’s another way to kick off the fun that’s straight fire. Of course, YOU'RE not gonna try this at home! Even without a flamethrower, no Friday is official without Fireball. 

Fireball Friday is the holiday that you can celebrate Every. Single. Week.

Ready for the best night ever? Stash that bottle in the freezer and pull it out right before pouring for an icy-hot shot and a potent kick. Looking for a mixed drink? You only need a few ingredients and you can whip up anything from big-batch drinks perfect for a party to a quick solo drink sized right for a Friday night at home. 

#FireballFriday might be our favorite holiday but you can harness that same spirit any day, any time. Now the only question is this: How are you going to ignite the nite?