6 days until #fireballfriday

How Hot Is Your City?

Think you have what it takes? Rep your city when you share #FireballFriday and your city's area code and you could win a Fireball takeover for your city! 


The temp's are climbing in Birmingham! These brummies are sharing hashtags #FireballFriday #205 to show just how hot.

205 Hot Shots Sign


The weather is cold but the slayers stay hot in the D! Rep Motor City USA with hashtags #FireballFriday and #MotorCity.

Des Moines

They're getting fired up in Des Moines (that's "day moyn" to you. #FireballFriday #515.


They say, Charlotte's got a lot (of big Dragon energy!) Share #FireballFriday and #704 to win that Fireball takeover for the queen city!

919 Hot Shots Sign


Forecast shows a night that's about to ignite in Raleigh! It's time to bring it home. Share #FireballFriday and #919 to make it official.

919 Hot Shots Sign


Bring out all the slayers in Richmond! We're turning out RVA with a Fireball takeover for the whole city. All you have to do is ignite your feed with #FireballFriday and #804 for a chance to win!

804 Hot Shots Sign


Philly's bringing the heat. Sharing hashtags #FireballFriday and #215 could win a Fireball takeover for all of Philly (yes, the whole jawn).

215 Hot Shots Sign


When a Fireball takeover's on the line, this area code's the one to watch. Yinz ready to win this thing? Fire up those texting thumbs and share #FireballFriday and #412 for the chance to win!

412 Hot Shots Sign