6 days until #fireballfriday

How to Host a Virtual Party

Even though we can’t gather at our regular hot spots, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and plan a party that’s straight fire. Ready to Slay? We’re spilling the tea with everything you need to plan a real scorcher. 

Choose Your Lair

You might not be inviting guests into your pad, but you still need to direct them where to go. There are lots of party platforms out there to choose from. You just have to pick the one that’ll be best for you and the squad.

  •  Zoom’s probably your best bet if you’re partying with a crowd since it lets you invite up to 100 people to join in 
  • Google Hangout’s free and easy to set up right from your Google account
  • FaceTime's fast and simple, but only if everyone's using an iPhone or Mac
  • Houseparty’s strictly for smaller crowds – you can connect with up to eight people – but it’s perfect for a small party with games since it has built-in games like Trivia, Heads Up, Quick Draw and Uno.

Get the fam together

This is a case of the Dragon and the Slayer – which came first? You could choose your lair first and then make your guest list or figure out your guest list and then pick a virtual party pad. Either way, you might be limited in the number of people you can invite depending on where you’re partying. So keep that in mind while deciding who you want to invite. 

Fan the flames

You want to get a buzz going and keep your squad hyped up for the party. Start by picking out your time and date, and then get the word out as soon as you can to give everyone plenty of time to free up their schedules. Of course, you don’t need to send out formal invites but you might want to stoke people’s excitement with a virtual invite or a text. Follow up with a reminder a day or two before the party, dropping a few breadcrumbs about what to expect.

Add a Shot of Fun

Everyone’s feeling just like you are – in need of some excitement. As nice as it is to just spend time face to face chatting, a party’s the perfect time to be a little extra. Call up your favorite local musician and see if you can get her to perform. Plan a contest or a few virtual party games to include in the mix. You could stick with the classics like Pictionary or charades. Or add some sizzle with Dragon-approved drinking games. You might be limited on the amount of time you have for your party, but there are never limits on ways to keep the party LIT!


If you had everyone over to your actual lair, you’d be serving up all kinds of treats. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t take care of your crew during your virtual party. Want to be known as the GOAT from this party forward? Have a bottle of Fireball delivered to each of your “guests.” Delivery services like Drizly make it fast and easy to do just that. And after all, what party’s complete without a few shots?

One great thing about virtual parties? You can go ahead and take that extra Fireball shot. Everyone’s curled up in their lairs – safe, snug and no driving.

We dropped in on a few of our fans with fiery Fireball favorites , they had to love. The nice list is overrated.