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Fireball X Lemonade

Fireball X Lemonade is our take on the ultimate summertime beverage. Classic lemonade with the tempting taste of Cinnamon. Surprisingly sweet, seriously bold. 

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Fireball X Apple

Perfectly balancing sweet and spice, Fireball X Apple tastes like a granny smith apple with a hint of cinnamon. Surprisingly sweet, seriously bold.  

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General Questions

Refreshing lemonade and apple flavors deliciously mixed with sweet cinnamon flavor.  

Fireball X will be available for a limited time in Arizona and Idaho beginning in April 2022.

It is an 8% ABV flavored malt beverage, inspired by the iconic Fireball flavor and paired with bold flavors like crisp Apple and Lemonade. It will be available in 25oz single cans and in two flavors: Lemonade and Apple. Just crack open the can and unleash the dragon!

180 days.

Fireball Whisky is a “Whisky with Cinnamon Flavor”, not Liqueur. 


We would never replace the classics. Fireball Whisky will continue to be available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across the country. 


No, this product contains gluten.

The product does not contain any allergens recognized by the FDA. 

Yes, this product uses yeast in production.

Our breweries are not kosher-certified for flavored products, so the product is not kosher.

Where to buy

You can find this product in Arizona and Idaho in every major convenience store. We’re coming to a city near you soon though. Stay tuned for more updates!  

If you’re in Arizona or Idaho, you can buy our product on the Drizly app. 


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